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Greetings Friends and Family Members:  I wanted to update you guys a little more on the situation at hand with regard to visitation with your loved ones.  The state of Texas kind of put the cart before the horse with this but on Thursday last week they put out a more detailed set of rules that will slightly change our timeline for getting you guys in to see them.

We must go for 14 days with no new positive test results of staff members.  This will be tedious as we are testing about 120 people each week and the chances of someone picking up COVID at Walmart or something is still a threat.  At the point when we have reached this goal, we may then submit a request, including pictures, floor plans, and plans for visitation, to be able to allow visitation from Texas HHSC.

As soon as we get this approval we will begin taking appointments for visitation.  In the meantime, if essential caregivers want to get their negative test results to us, we can go ahead and schedule training with you.  Once you have been trained, you will then be free to schedule visitation as soon as we get the approval.  Keep watching this page to see when that approval occurs.

Please make sure you are getting an actual Covid-19 test and not an antigen test.  The nasal/pharyngeal test that is called SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Assay gives more accurate and recent results.  The testing and training are for “essential caregivers” not “general visitors”.

“General visitors” will not be required to test or be trained but will only be allowed in one area of the facility and visit behind a plexiglass barrier.  Both types of visitors will need to make appointments for this.  We look forward to seeing many of you here visiting your families again and please let me know if you have any questions.


Greg Loudermilk, Managing Member, Midlothian Healthcare Center 




Policy for Expansion of Reopening Visitation For Midlothian Healthcare Center


1. Visitation will be broken down into two different classes.  Essential Caregivers and General Visitors (Extended family and others).

2. Both Essential Caregivers and General Visitors must be Covid-19 free before entering the facility.

3. EssentialCaregivers will be allowed to come into the facility and visit their loved ones in the room without social distancing requirements.

4. General Visitors will be allowed to come into a designated area of the facility and visit behind a plexiglass barrier. (Guidelines allow for other types of visitation i.e. open window visits, and outside visitation, however, the facility is only allowing indoor plexiglass visits to allow all resources to go towards this type of visitation as colder/wet weather is approaching.)   

5. Both EssentialCaregivers and General Visitors must use PPE, and sanitize hands upon entering the facility.

6. Both Essential Caregivers and General Visitors must meet temperature and screening requirements and be entered into the log which will be kept by the facility.    

7. Residents are to designate who they wish to be their Essential Care Giver but if they are unable to do so the first two family contacts will be allowed as Essential Caregivers.

8. Both Essential Caregivers and General Visitors are asked to bring their own PPE as this is in short supply to the facility and a substantial cost.  We would rather use these resources toward protecting the residents as much as possible but if you need these items we will provide them.


1. Essential Caregivers are required to provide the facility with a negative Covid-19 test, performed within the last 14 days before being allowed to schedule a visit with their loved one. 

2. Essential Caregivers are also going to be required to provide additional test results every 14 days thereafter to continue to schedule visits.

3. General Visitors are not required to provide negative test results to schedule visits.


1. Essential Caregivers will be required to accomplish training by the facility prior to scheduling visits with their loved ones. 

2. These visitors must contact the facility to schedule a training time.  Once a negative Covid-19 test result is provided to the facility the visitor can then schedule a training time with the facilities designated training person.

3. After training has occurred these visitors can schedule visitation with their loved one. 


1. Visitation whether by Essential Care Giver or General Visitor must be scheduled by a scheduler appointed by the facility.

2. Visitation by Essential Caregivers will be limited by the number of Essential Caregivers in the facility at any given time.  Only 8 Essential Caregivers will be allowed at any given time, 4 on North and 4 on South. 

3. Visitation by Essential Caregivers will be in 30-minute increments.

4. Visitation by General Visitors will be in 20-minute increments with 10 minutes between visits to allow for disinfecting of visitation area between visits and preparing the next resident for visitation. 

5. No physical contact will be allowed by General Visitors and residents.

6. Essential Caregivers will not be allowed to be in their loved one’s room while another Essential Care Giver is in that room.

7. Essential Care Giver visitation hours will be 9 AM to 4:30 PM Tuesday through Sunday.

8. General Visitor visitation hours will be from 11 AM to 4 PM Tuesday through Friday. 


1. If the facility suffers an outbreak of Covid-19 the visitations will cease.  All visitation will be placed on hold until at least 5% of residents who tested positive in the outbreak have recovered.

2. If the facility has not yet received a visitation designation.  The facility must demonstrate that it has separate areas, units, wings, halls, or buildings designed for Covid-19 positive, Covid-19 negative, and unknown Covid-19 status resident cohorts; separate dedicated staff are working exclusively in the separate areas, units, wings, halls, or buildings; and there have been no confirmed Covid-19 cases for at least 14 consecutive days in staff working in the area, unit, wing, hall, or building that accommodates residents who are Covid-19 negative.

3. If an Essential Care Giver or General Visitor cannot pass the temperature or screening requirements, or they have tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 14 days, they will not be allowed visitation.  Upon entering the facility the visitor must have their temperature taken.  If they have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher they will not be allowed entry.  They must answer the screening questions and answering yes to the following questions will prevent entry to the facility.  Do you have shortness of breath, new or change in cough, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, chills, muscle pain, headache?  Have you traveled or had contact with a person who has traveled internationally or cruise ships in the past 14 days?  Had exposure through another facility with confirmed Covid-19 cases such as hospital visits or other nursing homes?

4. If the facility deems an Essential Care Giver or General Visitor a risk to the health or safety of residents or staff of the facility their visitation may be revoked.


The facility will allow a barber or beautician to enter the facility to provide services to a resident if the barber or beautician passes the screening requirements, obtains a negative Covid-19 test within the past 14 days, and provides a new one to the facility every 14 days thereafter, and complies with the most current version of the Minimum Standard Health Protocols – Checklist for Cosmetology Salons/Hair Salons located at