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New Visitation Guidelines

Beginning 3/10/21 the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services began allowing visiting in nursing homes again.  This was released in a memorandum from CMS QSO-20-39-NH which was revised 3/10/21.  Originally nursing homes were “locked down” through QSO-20-14-NH so this is the same governmental agency that was responsible for the original shut down.  As before we are still having to interpret some of the directives of this memo and we are expecting further direction from either CMS, or Texas HHSC, or Governor Abbot as all seem to make changes to our regulations periodically.  As of right now, we will be allowing visitation of anyone who wants to visit any resident with the following restrictions:

1. Only one person may visit the resident rooms at a time.  If the resident has a roommate who has a visitor, the visitor must wait until the first visitor has left the room.

2. All visitors must wear an N-95 mask to be able to enter the facility.

3. Residents in quarantine or on our “warm unit” can only be visited by “essential caregivers”.  Essential caregivers must provide a negative Covid test, complete PPE training, and make an appointment to visit the resident.

4. When visiting residents, it is preferable to visit outside in the courtyard area.  If this is not possible due to weather, then the visitation must occur in the resident’s room.

5. Visitors must go directly to the resident’s room, to the courtyard, and back to the front of the facility when finished.  There is no walking up and down the halls or standing in the hallways when waiting to visit a resident.

6. All visitors must be screened for signs and symptoms of Covid-19 and they must be denied entry if they have any symptoms or if they have had close contact with someone with Covid-19 infection in the prior 14 days (regardless of vaccination status).

7. Social distancing at least six feet between all persons.

8. Visitors who were previously essential caregivers are requested to continue testing every two weeks if possible unless they have been vaccinated.

9. Visitors with small children or individuals who need supervision can only visit outside in the courtyard and the resident will be brought to the courtyard by a staff member.  As this requires additional staff to accomplish, we are asking that you contact the facility ahead of time and make arrangements with the front desk to ensure we have adequate staff to accomplish this request.

10. Individuals who refuse to follow the above restrictions may possibly be refused visitation as they will be deemed an excessive risk to resident health and safety.

We look forward to seeing you and for you to be able to visit your friends and family.  Please assist us with these new tasks as much as possible as we are trying to adapt as quickly as possible.  Feel free to contact our front desk with additional questions about the restrictions.


Greg Loudermilk, Owner/Administrator