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Adult Speech Therapist in Ellis County, TX

Adult Speech Therapy Services

Midlothian Healthcare Center is a proven healthcare provider offering premier speech therapy services to those suffering from the side effects of a stroke or other illness or injury. It's never too late to acquire tactics for better communication. The human brain is great at adapting and figuring out new things, and that potential never goes away. Learn about our adult speech therapy services in Ellis County, TX and contact our team to schedule a consultation.

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech is an extremely effective means of communication. It may be quite irritating when you or a loved one has difficulty speaking clearly, utilizing language, or understanding language.

Adults who struggle with language might benefit from speech therapy to live their lives to the fullest. Working with a speech language pathologist may transform your life, whether your difficulties have been present since infancy or are the consequence of a recent illness.

Reasons Speech Difficulties Occur in Adulthood

Speech problems can develop in adulthood for a variety of reasons:

Accidents & Injuries:

Sometimes, accidents may happen, and they might result in damage to the brain or speaking muscles. These issues can sometimes resolve themselves on their own, but they frequently have long-term consequences. Contusions, or swellings on the brain, can impair function for a length of time. Traumatic brain injuries, such as those sustained in a car accident, are a typical source of this type of injury.


Around three million Americans stutter, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Stuttering can also involve other bodily tics like blinking, which isn't well recognized. It is unknown what causes stuttering. However, it is assumed to have a genetic component. As a result, behavioral therapy is used to cure stuttering. A stuttering episode is frequently preceded by triggers.


Because of muscle or brain cell degeneration, several diseases and illnesses might cause speech difficulties, although there are typically numerous solutions that can be implemented to improve communication. Our section on Adult Acquired Difficulties will concentrate on communication problems caused by diseases like Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis.


This is a motor speech impairment that is caused by a neurological injury or disease that affects one or more of the speech subsystems: breathing, phonation, resonance, prosody, and articulation. The relationship between the brain and the muscles of speech is impaired when the region of the brain that governs speech production is destroyed. Dysarthria can manifest in a variety of ways, depending on the location and severity of the brain injury. Speech sounds can be difficult to produce, and speech may not be feasible in rare situations.

Types of Disorders We Treat

Aphasia is a common stroke-related disorder that affects 2 million people in the United States, according to the National Aphasia Association. This condition occurs when there’s trauma to the area of the brain that manages language, meaning you aren't born with it. Not only can aphasia affect one’s ability to speak, but it can also diminish a person’s ability to understand what is being spoken to them, which is known as receptive aphasia.

Dysarthria, on the other hand, causes the facial muscles to become weakened. When this occurs, patients aren’t able to properly form words and sounds. Some people may even begin to speak their words out of order, a disorder known as dyspraxia.

What Does a Typical Adult Speech Therapy Session Look Like?

Before any speech therapy treatment can be administered, each patient must undergo an initial assessment. They will then participate in a few more assessments that will allow the therapist to evaluate how well they can express their general feelings, as well as how well they can answer more direct, thought-provoking questions.

Our team is passionate about delivering personalized care, so the specifics of the actual treatment program will vary based on the needs of each patient. Those who have experienced memory loss, for instance, will be given tasks associated with identifying the meanings of words. People who have trouble formulating words are given exercises that focus on repetition and naming pictures and objects.

Patients with weakened facial muscles are given muscle-strengthening exercises. They will also learn how to improve the way they position certain parts of the mouth when speaking. This includes the jaw, lips, and tongue.

Why Us?

Midlothian Healthcare Center is a rehabilitation center dedicated to assisting patients in regaining and improving their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our workshops are designed to assist participants reclaim their independence by teaching them how to groom themselves, dress themselves, cook, and bathe. We are a locally owned and operated health care company that provides daily nursing and rehabilitation services to patients in and around Midlothian, Texas


Schedule Your Appointment Today

We provide one-on-one therapy for up to three hours a day, seven days a week, for people who are driven to recover rapidly. Many people enter speech therapy as adults for the first time after living their whole lives with stuttering or poor language comprehension. Start improving your life by working with Midlothian Healthcare Center. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and assessment.

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