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Adult Speech Therapy Services in Midlothian, TX

Midlothian HealthCare Center is a proven healthcare provider offering premier speech therapy services to those who are suffering from the side effects of a stroke or other illness or injury. 

Types of Disorders Treated

Aphasia is a common stroke-related disorder. It occurs when there’s trauma to the area of the brain that manages language. Not only can aphasia affect one’s ability to speak, but it can also diminish a person’s ability to understand what is being spoken to them. This is known as receptive aphasia.

Dysarthria, on the other hand, causes the facial muscles to become weakened. When this occurs, patients aren’t able to properly form words and sounds. Some people may even begin to speak their words out of order, a disorder known as dyspraxia.

The Process for Undergoing Speech Therapy

Before any speech therapy treatment can be administered, each patient must go through an initial assessment. They will then be taken through a few more assessments that will allow the therapist to evaluate how well they can express their general feelings, as well as how well they can answer more direct, thought-provoking questions.

The specifics of the actual treatment program will vary based on the needs of each patient. Those who have experienced memory loss, for instance, will be given tasks associated with identifying the meanings of words. People who have trouble formulating words are given exercises that focus on repetition and naming pictures and objects.

Patients with weakened facial muscles are given muscle strengthening exercises. They will also learn how to improve the way they position certain parts of the mouth when speaking. This includes the jaw, lips, and tongue.

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